Explore the Caves at Kartchner Caverns State Park.
The Kartchner Caverns State Park is an ideal place for hikers, nature-lovers, and families seeking some time to be closer with nature. It is best visited during spring and summer, when the various walking and hiking trails are most accessible. Children will also have a lot of fun learning lots of interesting and educational new stuff about the cave and its early inhabitants. This is yet another attraction in Arizona that the whole family will enjoy.

How to Get to the Caverns:
Kartchner Caverns State Park is located in Benson, Arizona, approximately 9 miles to the south of I-10. You can get there by taking the State Highway 90 and the 302 exit. Coming from the Tucson Airport, the park is around 49 miles. If you are traveling from Phoenix, you are 160 miles away, and 310 miles away coming from Flagstaff.

Things to do at Kartchner Caverns:
The Kartchner Caverns State Park has several trails for walking and hiking, the top two activities there, making it an ideal place for nature-lovers and adventurers. They have the Guindani Trail which spans the eastern side of the Whetstone Mountains and covers 4.2 miles. The trail is a bit elevated and gets more strenuous as more miles are covered. They also have the Foothills Loop Trail, which covers 2.5 miles and is recommended for average to expert hikers, especially since it is not open to bikers or motorists and is strictly for hiking purposes. The trail can be accessed through the Discovery Center parking lot and through the Hummingbird Garden. This trail will also provide you with glimpses of rare vegetation that the real nature lover will appreciate. They also have The Hummingbird Garden Walk, south of the Discovery Center. The trail is dotted with vegetation and is recommended for mild nature walks. The park also allows camping to guests who are interested, but since reservations will not be honored, if you plan to camp, arrive early or at least before 5:30 PM.