Titan Missile Museum: A Daring Underground Encounter with the Titan II Missile!
The Titan Missile Museum was formed after the Titan missiles around Tucson were deactivated. Presently, the museum stands in Sahuarita, Arizona and serves as one of its top attractions. It is the only missile in the country that has been opened to the public, and one of the largest that has ever been made. A visit here is a unique experience for the entire family.

How to get to the Titan Missile Museum
The museum is situated at W. Duval Mine Road at Sahuarita, which is around 25 miles away from Tucson. If you will be traveling from Tucson, take I-19 south going to Green Valley and exit at the 69 to Duval Mine Road. There, you will see signs leading you to the Titan Missile National Historic Landmark. You will go past the La Canada intersection and another 1/10 mile before reaching the museum itself.

What To See
The Titan Missile Museum is an educational activity as well as a fascinating one. Inside the museum, you will be taken to the Titan II missile itself, a 110-foot craft displayed on a launch pad. First, you will be taken to the underground command center, which is the very center of the missile, where you will be able to get up close to the missile equipment. You will also be able to see with your own eyes the doors going to the other parts of the missile, which are approximately 6,000 pounds. You will also get to visit the missile silo, whose walls are around 8-foot thick. Aside from that, the museum also offers film-viewings that will help visitors learn and understand the history and capacity of the Titan missile.